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I'm a woman who relishes taking care of her man, serious about being in a relationship, passionate, mature and very nurturing. I'm pretty sure that I ...
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Would love to be doing silly things with a nice bloke. We only live once, and I don't want to spend my whole life in a serious mode. While young, I wa...
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The best way to make this wild cougar yours is by showing her that you are worthy of her attention. It's not that hard. All you need to do is chat wit...
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My mind is clouded with dirty thoughts that are waiting to be unleashed at the right time with the right bloke. The manky thoughts I have are the reas...
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I am quite fascinated with how accessible pornography is nowadays! Back then I only had smutty novels and imagination to pull me through. I would even...
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A dishy lad coming my way is already a blessing but getting the chance to shag and use his schlong like my favourite sex toy? Now that just sounds lik...
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It'll be bloody great if someone here passes my standards. I am not asking for much. All I want is a proper lad who is bold, playful, and willing to t...
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Some say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I beg to disagree, honey. Man shall not live by bread alone. There should be nights full of ...
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I am sick and tire of hanging out with gentlemen. I have nothing against a proper lad, but too much gentleness, caring, and respect can be too dull fo...
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I just wanna be looked at. I love being the center of attention on all the places I go to. I always dress provocatively whenever I visit pubs. But wha...
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I flirt around with a lot of blokes but I don't shag them right away. I take my time to get to know them, maybe figure out how they like to be treated...
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My husband is this bleedin' busy man. Who isn't gaffe much, and is gaffe for only a few days. He is knackered most of the time. Can ye help me out? Al...
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This lady right here is an artistic missy who loves expressing her emotions through paintings and music. She is also a pro at leaving good impressions...
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I collect stuff toys, lots of white soft pillows, and soft blankets. I have insomnia. I'm mostly awake at night chatting with a friend or with a str...
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I don't like being tied, blindfolded, or anything associated with BDSM. I just want something simple, sweet, and passionate. And the reason why I am h...
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I'm not here looking for a man who will commit his whole life to me. All I want is someone who can make me feel special, even for one night. I am not ...
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I hate myself for not trying to find someone online. I'm surprised that there are a lot of choices I have. Before, I had like three to five choices. C...
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The lady who has the brass neck. That's what people usually call me and I guess that's because I do everything that I want no matter what and without ...
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When faced with a fit lad, my heart just does a double time! Not just that, but even my cunt starts aching and throbbing in the most delicious ways. W...
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I miss licking someone's penis. I wish I could drag anyone into my flat, but I'm not that desperate. I'm a woman with needs, but I know my limits. I'm...
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Being all by myself helps me think about my goals clearly. On the flip side, it has also kept me awake at night. When I'm wide awake, I have vivid ima...
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